Have A Perfect V-Shape Of Your Face With Chin Surgery

Everybody wants to have a perfect shape on their face. For today’s people, representation is important. Your impression of the person depends upon how you look. And it is a natural tendency that no one will believe you if you look grumpy. Therefore, various surgeries available will help you change the current structure of your face so that you can look beautiful and have a perfect shape. Chin surgery silicone short legs (เทคนิคเสริมคางขาสั้น, which is the term in Thai) is a popular chin correction surgery.

Chin Surgery

It is an augmentation surgery done with the help of silicon to change the round shape of your shape. The surgery is performed on your face to get a perfect v-shape to your chin. After the surgery, you will experience your face becoming slender, and every part is in the correct proportion. Remember consulting a professional doctor is essential. He will Fix the silicone under the bone membrane of the chin such that your face will look natural and there will be no marks of surgery on the face.

With silicone short legs surgery, you can elongate your face no more than 3cm. The lowest part of the silicone that the doctor will insert is round in shape; therefore, you cannot elongate much. Therefore, chin augmentation with silicone short legs surgery suits those who do not want a perfect v-shape or want a semi-circle shape. With this surgery, they can maximumly elongate their face by 0.8 cm. Hence, it is perfect for people with round or square-shaped faces.

Why Chin Surgery?

Chin surgery silicone short legs are the chin augmentation surgery done to fix the shape of your face. Also, there are various conditions under which you can do this chin surgery. Suppose you have a cut or recessed chin; you can undergo this surgery. You can also undergo this surgery if you have a short or uneven chin.

The best part of the surgery is choosing whether to have a less v- shape or a perfect v-shape on your chin. Depending on your face type, your doctor will help you select the perfect one.

Strengths Of The Surgery

The main strength of this kind of surgery is you will get a perfect v-shape or semi-circle shape for your face. The surgery is budget-friendly and would not cost you more. The surgery will change the shape of your face in proper proportion, and your face will look slimmer and more beautiful.

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