Home Care & Home Health Care marketing: Strategies to Generate a Steady Stream of Referrals

Alliances are crucial in creating referrals, regardless of whether you’re in In-Home Care or Home Health. Everything depends on the ability of sales representatives to communicate a compelling message that distinguishes your agency from competitors. When they market to healthcare professionals, hospitals, or facilities, they must demonstrate your home care agency’s unique strengths and benefits to your referral sources.

How do you start this process?

Find potential referral sources for Home Care and Home Health Marketing.


Building relationships with specialists and general physicians can help you build valuable relationships in your home care or home-based business. This will improve workflow and allow for referrals.


Social workers and discharge coordinators are great resources for finding home care options.


Homes with Rehabilitation – Nursing homes care for patients after discharge to ensure a quick recovery. Send them a message about senior care and the patients you serve.

Specialized Associations for Patients with MS and ALS?

Many associations help patients with their medical needs. These associations can be referred to your home care agency.

For word-of-mouth referral marketing, connect with former clients or patients.

Marketing strategies for home care and home healthcare should include reaching out to past clients (if they can give permission) and existing clients, to gain insight and ask them to refer their friends and families.

Building a trusting relationship with your clients will make it easier for them to refer you to their patients who require home care or health care services.

Hospital discharge planners or other healthcare professionals can also make referrals for home care. Sales reps need to build meaningful relationships with these referral sources.

They will refer potential clients to your agency if they trust you and your home care services.

Consumer? Marketing

Consumer marketing is usually used to describe home care and home health marketing strategies that target potential clients. Consumer marketing is designed to inform and engage consumers about your in-home and home care services so that they are more familiar with your agency and can decide when needed.

Good examples of consumer marketing include billboard ads and radio broadcasting.

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Here is a 5-Step Plan for Home Care Services and Home Health Agencies:

  1. Find the right sales professional.

Homecare agencies and providers should be looking for self-driven, motivated salespeople with relevant industry experience, the ability and energy to make connections, and the ability and skill to ask for business.

  1. Create your template with your USP.

There is intense competition among home care providers for patients. It is, therefore, essential to create a unique value proposition plan. This will identify the special features of your agency that can be summarized in a short presentation.

  1. Make a professional presentation.

The time you have to grab physicians’ attention is concise. Prepare a short but powerful deck to show physicians how your agency can help them achieve their goals and provide excellent patient care. Next, create a 5-minute presentation that highlights your most compelling data.

This is where you can start conversations and set expectations. Ask open-ended, thoughtful questions to your coworkers and see how they can contribute.

  1. Find Your Competitive Edge

Find compelling reasons to give yourself an advantage over your competition. Highlight your unique experience and expertise. These will provide you with compelling reasons to refer more people.

  1. Create a 90-Day Sales Program.

Sales planning is a strategic tool to help you achieve meaningful and timely growth. Your sales team can tap high-value referral sources with a solid sales plan.

A weekly calendar will serve as a guideline, and sales activity reports will help them document their follow-up schedule. You can get feedback to help you improve your systems and meet customer expectations.

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