How does Soberlink Alcohol Breath Analyzer work?

Many testing technologies fail to adequately identify alcohol intake, despite the fact that alcohol is one of the most often abused drugs among drug court participants.

You won’t find another portable alcohol monitoring system as accurate and reliable as Soberlink’s. Portable devices, sometimes known as “home breathalyzers,” randomly ask users to take a test throughout the day.

Your customer cares most about testing accuracy since it affects their ability to comply with the Home Breathalyzers Program. Serious problems might arise from erroneous readings. Soberlink is dedicated to giving results that may be used as evidence because of its expertise in alcohol monitoring technology.

What it measures and how it works?

The blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is calculated from a breathalyzer reading. The BAC level can be used by the authorities to determine the degree of drunkenness. After consuming alcohol, this substance is absorbed by the stomach lining and transported throughout the body. Some of the alcohol in the blood evaporates and enters the lungs as it travels through the organs.

Soberlink offers the following services to the legal system: Tailored test procedures (e.g., frequency and BAC set points)

  • Customized reporting to meet your needs
  • Individualized orientation
  • The Safety and Privacy of Breathalyzers Used at Home

To ensure privacy, we encrypt all data with triple DES and store it on a secure server, to which only authorized personnel have access. Reports are only shared with authorized parties or those obliged by law to receive them.

Soberlink: How to Use It Handheld Alcohol Detector

Our portable alcohol tester is made to be used in a matter of seconds. The gadget will remind you when it’s time to take your exams, increasing the likelihood that you’ll graduate from the course. A beep will sound, and then the Soberlink emblem will appear on the screen.

Look for the word “blow” to start your exam. Affix the shorter end of the mouthpiece to the gadget, position your eyes so that they point squarely at the camera, inhale deeply, and exhale steadily for around five seconds. You can cease blowing when you hear a beep.

The screen will state “wait” once you’ve given a breath sample. You’ll get a “pass” or “fail” notification depending on your BAC level. Your portable breathalyzer will tell you if you’ve passed or failed. If the machine detects even the slightest quantity of alcohol in your system, you will be given the opportunity to repeat the test when it has reset. The monitoring organization will decide how many times you get to take the test again.

A number of appointments spread out over the course of your program are obligatory. Your device’s memory will be downloaded and data will be transmitted to the monitoring authority at the first servicing visit. These consultations are scheduled at regular intervals over the duration of your program.

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