Proper And Correct Nutritional Food On Time Is Needed To Keep Us Healthy And Wealthy

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy, but sometimes we try to take the shortcut to reduce it within a few days by minimising the food we intake, cutting short the sugar items, and unknowingly taking weight reduction medicines. This causes adverse effects and results in the Yoyo Effect (โย โย่ เอ ฟ เฟ ค, which is the term in Thai).

How Does It Happen?

The leading cause of the yoyo effect is cutting short the diet instantaneously, which results in breakage of metabolism, for which the weight will suddenly get reduced or increase rapidly, creating discomfort in your body. This effect is usually seen in those who get thin quickly, gain weight after a few days, and become fatter.

Diet pills trigger this thing as those pills help in burning more calories but prevent us from getting malnutrition. Moreover, our stomach always feels full, restricting our food intake. Now, after stopping the pills, if we consume more calories than our body can’t burn, then the yoyo effect starts.

Fasting can also have this effect as irregular fasting leads to abnormal hormone secretion, and it’s more similar to diet pills. As the body is not receiving enough energy, it becomes thinner or fat.

How To Detect A Yoyo Effect?

  1. Irregular weight loss or weight gain.
  2. Feels like craving for food all the time.
  3. Decreased muscle mass.
  4. Cause of many diseases.

How To Cure It?

Firstly, drink as much water as necessary daily as water has the capability of flushing out all the toxins from the body.

Secondly, a 5-course meal is necessary, and only proteins must be consumed, and yes, intake of sugar must be restricted.

Thirdly, exercises are a must to reduce excess fat or energise yourself.

Fourthly, you must take excellent care of yourself by eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, and staying stress-free.


The Yoyo Effect causes much harm to the body, so to maintain consistency in your diet plan, consultation with a specialised doctor is essential to guide you accordingly so that the weight loss can happen smoothly and by keeping that diet, the weight will not get increased, and you can maintain a great shape of your body. To avoid this effect, proper intake of food at the correct time and regular exercise will help you stay fit. Prolonged fasting doesn’t do good as it hampers our metabolism badly.

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